Get your hands on a copy of a great classic with a modern twist.

[toggle title=”Where can I get an Own a Lisa?”]
You can get an Own a Lisa from this very website, dear. Simply use the contact form and we’ll be in touch.
[toggle title=”If I buy a Own a Lisa, will it be exactly like the one featured here?”]
It’ll be very similar, don’t worry. It won’t be exactly the same as each Own a Lisa is custom made with lots of love, love. Anyway, you want an original, right?
[toggle title=”How much does it cost?”]
The cost for an Own a Lisa is £625, including delivery. Quite a bit cheaper than the Mona Lisa.
[toggle title=”What is an Own a Lisa made from?”]
All Own a Lisa’s are made from a popular building block. Each block is carefully hand painted and when dried, is assembled to form the Own a Lisa.
[toggle title=”I want one now – how long will it take to get to me?”]
Patience is a virtue. However, it depends on stock levels, but you’ll never wait more than 2 weeks to own an Own a Lisa.

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