Mona Lisa reborn

Own A Lisa

Own a Lisa is a version of the Mona Lisa Lego artwork made from 442 hand painted Lego® bricks. Viewed from close up, the Own a Lisa looks like a jumble of coloured bricks, but from afar Own a Lisa resembles a masterpiece.

You can get an Own a Lisa from this very website, dear. Simply use the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

It’ll be very similar, don’t worry. It won’t be exactly the same as each Own a Lisa is custom made with lots of love, love. Anyway, you want an original, right?

The cost for an Own a Lisa is £625, including delivery. Vastly cheaper than the real Mona Lisa hanging in The Louvre in Paris.

All Own a Lisa’s are made from a popular building block. Each block is carefully hand painted and when dried, is assembled to form the Own a Lisa.

Patience is a virtue. However, it depends on stock levels, but you’ll never wait more than 2 weeks to own an Own a Lisa.

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